Scotty lives and breathes fishing more than any other. I would like to say you can always find him on the beach; but he could also be up on any of the rivers, offshore jigging, maybe casting at tuna, chasing whiting and gars in the bay, you just never know! Scotty has been the king of the salmon this week so we dragged him away from the gutters and holes to get a few tips out of him.

  1. Offshore Winds.

Offshore winds are key to successful lure fishing locally. The local blows from the north offer many benefits to beach anglers. They calm off the water, provide a tail wind to rocket a lure out, make spotting fish in waves easier, and make for a more enjoyable experience as you can shelter from the blistering cold behind the sandy dunes.

2. Tides.

Scotty loves an hour before high tide for chasing salmon. Everyone has their favourite tides, but this is Scotts.

3. Fish the green water.

When bait fishing with the humble pillie, you can fish regardless of water colour, but for successful lure fishing off the beach, green or clear water is much more suited. Particularly in the deep holes where the salmon often school.

So grab your metals and surf rod, and get out there before Scotty catches them all!