The Seacruiser brand, now well established and respected, came about as a result of a long-time obsession with high quality aluminium marine fabrication.

Wayne Howell and Ed Richardson have combined all the best aspects of their years of experience and custom-building, and joined forces to create the Seacruiser brand. They have released a range of heavy duty plate-alloy boats, trailers, and anchor winches. These standard models are still able to be customised in their configuration, fit-out, and optional extras.

Both Wayne and Ed learned their craft in Adelaide, SA, and have developed reputations of meticulous, reliable, strong and uncompromising workmanship.

From 2005-2010 upon moving back home to Warrnambool, Victoria, Ed set up as Richardson Marine, concentrating solely on custom-built plate alloy boats and trailers – built specifically for the relentless Southern Ocean. The fleet of custom built Richardson Marine built plate boats have forged their own reputations both locally and abroad, as some have come from afar to place their order. These reputations arise not through slick sales pitches or marketing campaigns, but simply experience of their owners, occupants and observers, whose word-of-mouth advertising rings a consistent theme: these boats are seriously tough, smooth-riding, brilliantly finished, and simply in another league to any plate boat they’ve been in.



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