Sell Your Boat



Richardson Marine has launched a revolutionary new way for boat owners to sell their boat.

In essence, their “BOATcast” service involves a specialist team handling all aspects of the marketing on behalf of a boat owner, helping with advice, pricing decisions and negotiations, and essentially passing interested buyers onto the seller to handle as a private sale.  At a fraction of traditional consignment fees.

The sellers love it because it’s so easy and cost effective.  The buyers love it because they are dealing and negotiating directly with the person who owns and knows everything about the boat – yet they still have the link with the dealership for assistance.  It really is the best of both worlds – dealership benefits, without the high cost.

Sellers are not restricted to just one website – in fact the BOATcast service includes access to SEVEN different buyer sources. BOATcast covers the whole online spectrum, including access to some targeted online audiences unique to Richardson Marine.  Their prominent website,, extensive Facebook fan-base, along with a large email database, are audiences that as a boat seller, you really want to be reaching.

The BOATcast team will also arrange ad placement on major websites (boatpoint), and  Being a boat dealership they also have constant incoming enquiries – buyers in store can be shown boats on their showroom big screen.

Instantly, a boat seller is casting a gigantic marketing net right where all the buyers are looking, without needing to be an IT guru.  Photographs and advertisement wording are also arranged/edited to suit.

The numbers stack up. An 18-month trial period has delivered an amazing strike rate and volume of used boat sales across Victoria and beyond. Buyers are coming from all sources and locations.  A major key is that sellers are not limited to just one website or portal.  The boat can stay with the seller and still be used – and can be located anywhere.  It can all be handled remotely.  “Any boat, anywhere”!