On Saturday on Cassius Cray we had a couple of dives in some pushy conditions off Warrnambool and found the crays a little difficult to find, working pretty hard for 4 in total, but when combined with a bag of abalone, plenty of sweep, periwinkles and a bonus octopus we all still went home with a feed.IMG_9511

Gerard Delaney on the other hand obviously went looking in the right spots and his crew got some nice ones just in time for Christmas!IMG_9517

Daniel Banning caught this whopping 62cm 1.5kg whiting, and together with Jaymen Fletcher they collected a nice seafood banquet!IMG_9516

Brian Nolan, fishing with Kev McLoughlin off Port Fairy, on Saturday morning, landed a 110kg mako shark.IMG_9591 IMG_9592 IMG_9593

Phil McKinnon and Oliver Sharp are pictured here with a school and gummy shark from Saturday.photo 1 photo 2

These were caught off Tower Hill in 34m on SaturdayIMG_9521

Steve Folkes sent in these pics from their successful day on Saturday also.WP_20151219_11_54_41_Pro InstagramCapture_d04fa4c9-215f-430f-a17d-0d836644dc4a