Tom Fox, one of our mechanics, is enjoying some well-earned time off this week and has spent much of it on the water in his Anglapro Sniper. Well, today, in 40 metres depth about 10kms west of Warrnambool, he hooked up to a big tuna. Fishing solo, and slightly undergunned with his 15kg outfit that was down to the backing twice, he managed to ring in and we organised reinforcements – Mick Rantall dropped Rude off onto his boat to lend a hand and an extra gaff.  Over three hours later they had the barrel beside the boat and centimetres away from being gaffed when the FG knot from the 100lb leader to the 30lb braid broke, possibly after getting caught in a rod guide.  Great effort and awesome experience – bad luck on the result Tom!IMG_0606 IMG_0605 IMG_0603

Off Port Fairy, Sean Hunter and Jamie McLaren had a great day out.  Sean got this cracking 7kg morwong.  The rest of their bag consisted of another 2 morwong, 10 solid snapper and two 10kg gummies – (“all powered by Suzuki”, Jamie adds!)IMG_0607