Scott Gray caught this fantastic snapper today – “I finally scored a fish on a jig that I’ve been after for a long time along the southwest Victorian coast. We don’t get many big reds down this way and I’ve caught a few good ones in the past on bait, but I’m stoked to finally get one locally on a jig. There was a bit of luck involved, but the moral of the story is always watch your sounder and have your Gomoku ready!”12208258_402496536613064_2305789880028467017_n

The Portland Lee Breakwall had a couple of ripper catches today.12196234_582042301951971_3769249458387384201_n 12208706_582099808612887_3406464028925652552_n

Aaron Mitchell enjoyed the calm water and got in with the spear gun for a few nice sweep.12191038_10153716467587065_1984865233981316098_n 12191680_10153716467662065_4943300943989478968_n

Tyson Halliday released a couple of gummies today, keeping this one for a feed.12065854_1552877125002932_9068248377088873564_n