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Thanks to Suzuki’s Lean Burn fuel technology, you’ll be on the water for longer…

Here at Suzuki Marine we know that technological improvements are what set us apart from our competitors, which is why we’ve been at the forefront of innovation and design for over 100 years. Driven by this passion, as well as the significant factor of the continual rising costs of fuel, our engineers developed and introduced the Lean Burn Control System fuel technology.

What exactly is Lean Burn?

Lean Burn delivers better fuel efficiency and greater fuel savings by predicting fuel needs, so that you get even more out of every drop.

Unlike the technology found in our competitors’ products, the benefits of Lean Burn are delivered over a wide operating range, providing significant improvements in fuel economy – reductions up to 45% in some cases.

Lean Burn works by using real-time computer processes and sensors to optimise fuel delivery by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions. It delivers a precise mixture of fuel to the outboard allowing it to run on a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air-fuel ratio.

This achieves remarkable improvements in fuel consumption ensuring less trips to the bowser and more savings for you.

First introduced on the DF70A/80A/90A in 2008 to great acclaim, Lean Burn continues to be an important feature in all of our new release outboards. It’s available across the “A” series outboards in our PortableMidrange and High Performance ranges and the DF100B.

Combined with other Suzuki technologies, Lean Burn can deliver the optimum fuel/air mixture to the outboard and is designed to save fuel both at low speeds and up into the cruising range, making fuel efficient outboards even more economical.

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