The Tackle Shack is excited to announce some new arrivals for the later half of 2020. Whether you fish for bream, tuna, sharks or trout, and no matter your budget, we have some new gear for you. Here’s 10 of our favourite products arriving soon.


Daiwa BG Monocoque

BG MQ marks a new era in affordable saltwater spinning reels from Daiwa, with Monocoque body technology now available to everyone. BG MQ is built for the harshest conditions and is set to once again revolutionise the industry. The BG MQ uses a rigid, one piece body that is both lightweight and built to last. The BG MQ also houses a much larger main gear than a standard spinning reel thanks to the one piece body. With prices starting at $299, and a wide variety of sizes, we expect to see quite a few of these making their way to south-west anglers rods this summer.

Daiwa Saltist Hyper V2

Perhaps the most popular rods for stickbaiting/casting tuna and kingfish here in the southwest for many years now, Daiwa has in 2020 widened the range, upgraded the componentry and modernised these classic rods. The blank of the all-new 20 Saltist Hyper is where the bulk of the advancements have been made. 20 Saltist Hyper rods feel crisper and more responsive than their predecessors, and outcast and outperform them across all levels, thanks to the X45 Cobrashield blank. Available in a range of models, picked out by our staff who use and love the original Saltist Hyper rods, these start at $279, offering a drop in price and increase in quality over the original Hyper.

Shimano Saragosa SW A

Another favourite piece of tackle for offshore anglers for many years, the Shimano Saragosa has also been upgraded and refreshed for 2020. No matter whether anglers are fishing inshore or offshore, or jigging for bottom fish they can count on — just like they always have — the Saragosa SW to stay smooth no matter the conditions and perform when needed most. The Saragosa has always been one of the most sealed reels on the market, offering water resistance rarely replicated, meaning a longer lasting investment. The Saragosa begins at $399 for a 5000, with the Tackle Shack offering a few models picked for the south-west.

Daiwa Double Clutch New Colours

The Double Clutch needs no introduction to light tackle anglers. You will struggle to find a more versatile, and popular jerkbait out there. With a massive colour range, and several sizes, the Double Clutch is a big seller in the Tackle Shack for bream, trout, mulloway, estuary perch, redfin, salmon and a range of other species. In 2020, the Double Clutch introduces several new colours, including the Golden and Brook Trout, which we reckon will be a real winner on the local trout.

Shimano Vanford

The Vanford is a new name to Shimano, however is simply an update of the incredible Stradic Ci4+ range by Shimano. Still drawing upon a lightweight Ci4+ body construction, the new MGL rotor makes the reel 48% lighter to turn when compared to a standard rotor design. Micromodule Gear II and Silent Drive is featured in the new Vanford.  X-Protect has increased the durability of the Vanford’s roller clutch and line roller to an IPX8 standard. By incorporating the new Long Stroke Spool design, casting performance has also been improved. The Tackle Shack will be stocking most sizes of these reels, ideal for inshore in the 3000 and 5000 sizes, and freshwater in the smaller sizes. The Vanford begins at $359.

Shimano Spectrum 2020 Combos

Not everyone wants, or needs, a high end rod. Something that can be bashed around the boat or jetty is perfect for many anglers. The Shimano Spectrum features a fibreglass inserted construction with inserted glass tips for extra sensitivity, as well as ceramic guides. The new Spectrum Plus series is a perfect class of rod for any entry level angler looking to get out there and catch their first fish. The Tackle Shack has made up some combos featuring these rods, matched up with a Shimano FX reel. These are priced for all at $89.99, spooled ready to go with line.

Berkley Gulp Gel

Gulp has always been a proven fish catcher thanks to it’s inbuilt scent; now Berkley has introduced that same legendary scent in a handy 35ml tube to add to any lure. Many anglers are sceptical on scents; however, once they try it, they rarely go without it. Available at just $12.95, Gulp Gel will be a real winner on every predatory fish in the south-west, be it freshwater or saltwater.

Berkley 7″ Turtleback Worm

The Turtle Back worm is a proven favourite for snapper, flathead, bream and mulloway anglers, offering a presence in the water that is both large yet compact at the same time, with a tantalising action and attractive scent. In 2020, the Turtleback offers a brand new 7″ size, which will be deadly on our snapper offshore, or mulloway in the rivers. Available right now, in four colours, in the Tackle Shack.

Pro Cure Bait Sauce

Having been avaliable in the Tackle Shack for a couple of weeks now, the Pro-Cure Bait Sauce has taken off with a bang. Anglers, including Corey and Tim from the Tackle Shack, have been taking bream, mulloway, estuary perch, and trout using the Bait Sauce, but it will also prove deadly offshore on kingfish, tuna, snapper and flathead as well as squid. Bait Sauce can also be used on live or dead baits, to add that bit of extra attractant. Available in a large bottle that seems to last forever, and offered in several flavours, Bait Sauce by Pro-Cure is a truly essential addition to any anglers tackle box to turn a bad day into a memorable, fish filled trip. Now in stock at $29.95.

Black Magic B-Max

The Black Magic B-Max is being introduced to the Tackle Shack with the rising popularity of trout fishing locally. Offering a fantastic lure in several colours which casts well and holds itself in the current at just $10.95, the B-Max will be the taking of many a trout over the coming months. Tim from the Tackle Shack has been running the B-Max for the last few weeks, with both trout and redfin taking a liking.

Daiwa Bait Junkie

And to conclude, Daiwa’s new range of plastics is nothing short of comprehensive offering a big range of proven, and new colours, set to be killers on the bream, trout, redfin, mulloway and estuary perch. The Bait Junkie Minnows and Grubs use a very soft, yet durable Elastomax construction, allowing more action than other lures at dead slow speeds. In addition, the Bait Junkies use an amino acid based body with an added shrimp scent, meaning any fish in the vicinity certainly won’t miss the natural smell of the lure. The Tackle Shack will be stocking a range of the Bait Junkie plastics, with colours picked out by our experts for the local waterways.

This selection of tackle is just a drop in the ocean of the Tackle Shack’s range of products, all selected for local conditions and used by our experts. Drop in today to check out the range.