Halco Slidog

The new Slidog is ideal for our summer (and year round!) tuna. Available in both a 125 and 105 size with plenty of weight to punch into the wind. The 105 in particular will be a hot lure over the coming months- tuna anglers typically employ 100-120mm stickbaits over the summer and the Slidog will slot in perfectly in that size range.

JB Lures

JB Lures have always been a legendary brand amongst Australian game fishermen. The Tackle shack has just received a large order of JBs for our southern bluefin tuna. The team has picked an extensive range of skirts in the most popular sizes, head shapes and colours to suit both summer school fish and winter barrels.

Jackall Squirrel

The Jackall Squirrel has really grown in popularity over the last few months and has claimed many bream and perch from the Hopkins River. Several colours back on the shelf this week.

Penn Pursuit Surf Combo

Penn Pursuits have always been one of the Shack’s most popular reels- but now a matching combo is available for the surf fisherman.

Cranka Single Hook Crabs

Offering the classic 50mm body most popular for bream, but now with a custom made BKK single hook to fit. If you’re wanting to fish heavy structure, or crank up that drag, the new single hook crabs are for you.

Black Magic Gladius Squid Rods

If you haven’t used a specific squid rod before- you’re missing out. Black Magic brings one of the finest- and most eye catching- we have seen in 2020, at an affordable mid range price point.

Nomad Lure Wraps

Lure wraps have long been popular for skirts and jigs- but how about a wrap designed specifically for hard lures? Tuna and kingfish sized divers, poppers and stickbaits are well catered for with the new Nomad wrap, which will also be ideal for freshwater swimbaits.

Toadfish Non Tipping Cooler

Keep your drinks icy cold all day on the water- but also have the flexibility to keep the drinks on any surface you want, securely. Toadfish’s Non-Tipping Can Cooler makes this possible.